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St. Patrick’s Day Party

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St. Patrick’s Day Party at the Lodge. Come celebrate with your friends at 7pm on Saturday March 14, 2015.

Buy tickets at the bar or online.

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The Italian Americans TV Series on PBS

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This looks like excellent series about Italian Americans that starts tonight. Special thanks to Methuen Sons of Italy member, Susan Pauk, for bringing it to our attention. http://www.pbs.org/the-italian-americans/home/

Come to the lodge for 1/2 priced appetizer specials and a wine special.

THE ITALIAN AMERICANS, a new two-part, four-hour documentary series about the Italian experience in America, will premiere on PBS on Tuesdays, February 17 and 24, 2015, 9–11 p.m. ET (check local listings). The series, written and produced by John Maggio and narrated by Academy Award-nominated actor Stanley Tucci, explores the evolution of Italian Americans from the late nineteenth century to today, from “outsiders” once viewed with suspicion and mistrust to some of the most prominent leaders of business, politics and the arts today.

The Italian Americans PBS

The Italian Americans – Tony Bennett Family

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2015 Methuen Sons of Italy Elections

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Elections for the Lodge Officers and the Community Center Trustees will be held on Tuesday March 10, 2015 before the General Membership Meeting.

Nominations for the Officers are due by Tuesday February 10, 2015 at the General Membership Meeting.

The ballots for the officers of the Lodge as well as the CCT Trustees are below.  These trustees are the officers of the Community Center Trust (they are the people who handle the Business regarding our Building).

Please note that President and Vice President nominations can only be a person who is presently or who has been an officer of the LODGE!

Social Members may vote but cannot run for office.

On February 10th the nominating committee (Ray Collins, Carmelo Caruso, Dottie Crisa, Carmela Pagnoni and Patty Terrili) will
take nominations from the floor.

If you have questions, please contact the lodge or one of the people on the Nomination Committee.

Ballots: (click the links below to open the ballots)
Lodge Officers:  Lodge Officers Nominee Ballots_2015_2

Community Center Trustees:  CCT Trustees Elections_2015

Arbitrators and Delegates:  Arbitrators and Delegates-Elections_2015


Thank you,
The Nominating Committee

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2015 United States Bocce National Championships

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2015 United States Bocce National Championships

US Bocce Federation Logo

Methuen Sons of Italy, Lodge 902 is proudly hosting the 2015 US Bocce National Championships from June 22 – June 27.

Over 150 Elite Bocce Players to Shine at the Nationals which are being held in New England for the First Time ever.  In fact this is the first time the games are being played east of Ohio!     


Click here for details regarding:

* Playing in the tournaments

* Sponsoring the events

* Volunteering

* Media Coverage

4 Bocce Events will be played over the course of the week.  Those include an Open Tournament with a $4000 Grand Prize and separate Open National Tournaments with the top place teams earning a medal or trophy for the A and B Divisions.  “Open” Bocce is a type of game that people are most familiar with.  Some main characteristics of the game are that players can use the side boards to angle their shots and they can hit their own or their opponent’s bocce balls at anytime and in any location on the court.  For all 3 of these tournaments, the teams will consist of 4 players, which can be all men, all women or mixed.

The 4th Championship Bocce Tournament is Punto Raffa Volo (PRV), an internationally recognized bocce game.  These teams will be competing for the distinguished honor to play in the 2015 World Bocce Championships!  The members of the first place team will only have to pay their airfare to arrive in the host country (TBA), then once there, all expenses will be paid for by the the host.

In Punto Raffa Volo, players have to be extremely precise and actually “call their shots,” much like in some billiards games.  Invalid throws result in balls being removed from the court without a chance of scoring points with them, or otherwise know as a “dead ball.”  The location of where the pallino or other bocce balls are located on the court dictates the specific style of shot that the next player will make.

This year’s Punto Raffa Volo Tournament format is played by “Teams.”  This simply means that 3 or 4 person teams can be made up of anyone, including all men or all women or mixed, and they don’t need to belong to the same club.  In other years, “Clubs” teams compete against each other, and still in other years, “Singles” play PRV Tournaments. In “Clubs,” all teammates are members of the same club and in “Singles,” there are 3 divisions – Men, Women, Under 21.  One person from each group will be crowned champion and represent the USA in the World Games.

Click here for more details.

Sign up today to play, volunteer or sponsor the events, and if you are with a media outlet looking for a cool, hip story, please reach out to us so we can fill you in with details.

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2015 Methuen Sons of Italy High School Scholarships

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The Methuen Sons of Italy  is now accepting scholarship applications for high school seniors graduating in 2015.

Do you know a student who deserves a scholarship from the Sons of Italy?

If so, please forward the Scholarship Page on our site to him or her to get more details.

Remind them that the application is due by March 31, 2015.

Scholarships from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts are also available on the Scholarship Page.

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Valentine’s Day Dinner Buffet

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Valentines Day_2015

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Super Bowl Party

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Come down to root on the Patriots and enjoy some of Donna’s fabulous food.  Food to be served starting around 4:30.

It would help us if you could call the lodge to let us know if you are coming so we can prepare the right amount of food.

Lodge telephone # is 978-688-2258.  Thank you.


Super Bowl Party_2015



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